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1. Who are we?

The website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is an initiative of:

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Send to parents

Want to send this to your mom or dad so they can buy it for you?

The Bubble Gum Challenge!

During a #GUMPARTY, you have to be Hyper GUM, right? That's why we offer you a great challenge Super Gummy...

Make the most unusual photo possible!

But watch out! If that were all, it would be too simple, wouldn't it?

Take a tube of Bubble gum To achieve this challenge, because we rely on you to make the biggest bubble gum possible during your unusual photo!

So, ready to face the challenge?


Chubby Gummy Challenge!

How many marshmallows are you able to put in your mouth?

Each in turn, you put a marshmallow in your mouth and say:

You put a second one, and you say again CHUBBY GUMMY. You put a third and guess what? You say CHUBBY GUMMY! Come on, keep it up until you can't repeat CHUBBY GUMMY.

The winner of the game is the one that most resembles a CHUBBY GUMMY!

So, ready to face the challenge?

#GUMPARTY Challenge!

It's time to dance, sing and play!

During our #GUMPARTY, Mathilde and Clara created a special BEGUMMY. It's FUN, YUM and GUM!

Two unicorns that dance, what does it look like?

See for yourselves on @BEGUMMY's account! Now, learn these steps and try to reproduce them in BEGUMMY!

So, ready to face the challenge?


No Challenge arm!

You are two now... but you will soon become one!

For this challenge, we need a puppet and a puppeteer. When the duo is formed, the puppet puts his hands behind his back. The puppeteer then sits behind the puppet and slides his arms into his sleeves. And it is now that the puppeteer will finally be able to take orders to accomplish a very important task:

Eat Cupcaaaaakes!

How long will you be able to eat your cupcake?

So, ready to face the challenge?


Pop-Horn Challenge!

What rhymes with Unicorn and who eats? The POPCORN!

Everyone gets a popcorn cone and put on his beautiful unicorn horn on his head. With one hand, hold the horn of your opponent and Chantonnez this pretty song:

"I hold You, you hold me, by the GUMMY horn
The first one who laughs picks up a

Anyone who hasn't laughed can throw popcorn at the loser. We do this again until one of you has no popcorn in his cornet. It's time to sing, to eat, but especially not to laugh!

So, ready to face the challenge?


Scotch Challenge!

How many words do you know?
A lot, isn't it?
Well, that's what we're going to see!

The rules are simple: say one word each in turn. The sequence must be as fast as possible. Say the first word that comes to mind. They don't even have to be linked to each other. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But beware, if one of you hesitates, stutters or repeats a word that has already been said...

The punishment will be sticky!

The winner can then stick three pieces of Scotch on the loser's face. And we do it again until one of you is unrecognizable!

So, ready to face the challenge?


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